Source code for setup

#!/usr/bin/env python3
# Author:  Octavio Castillo Reyes
# Contact:
''' is the main PETGEM setup script, it is based on python

[docs]def name(): ''' Set name for petgem package. :param: None :return: petgem name :rtype: string ''' return 'petgem'
[docs]def description(): ''' Descripton of PETGEM code ''' petgem_description = ('Parallel python code for electromagnetic ' 'modeling in geophysics') return petgem_description
[docs]def long_description(): ''' Read long description of petgem of DESCRIPTION.rst file. :param: None :return: petgem description :rtype: string ''' with open(os.path.join('DESCRIPTION.rst')) as f: return
[docs]def get_ext_modules(): ''' Get paths of extension modules. :param: None :return: numpy path include ''' try: import numpy numpy_includes = [numpy.get_include()] except ImportError: numpy_includes = [] return numpy_includes
if __name__ == '__main__': from setuptools import setup import os # PETGEM setup setup(name=name(), maintainer="Octavio Castillo Reyes", maintainer_email="", version='0.4', long_description=long_description(), description=description(), url="", download_url="", license='GPLv3.0', packages=['petgem'], include_dirs=get_ext_modules(), install_requires=['petsc4py', 'numpy', 'scipy', 'blessings'], setup_requires=['sphinx'], classifiers=['Development Status :: 3 - Alpha', 'License :: Free for non-commercial use', 'Intended Audience :: Science/Research', 'Intended Audience :: Developers', 'Programming Language :: Python :: 3.5', 'Topic :: Scientific/Engineering', 'Topic :: Software Development :: Libraries', 'Operating System :: POSIX :: Linux'], keywords=['3D CSEM, edge finite elements, HPC, petsc, petsc4py.'], platforms="Linux", include_package_data=True, ) else: pass