Define functions for assembly of sparse linear systems in Edge Finite Element Method (EFEM) of lowest order in tetrahedral meshes.

petgem.solver.assembler.computeElementalContributionsMPI(modelling, coordEle, nodesEle, sigmaEle)[source]

Compute the elemental contributions of matrix A (LHS) and right hand side (RHS) in a parallel-vectorized manner for CSEM surveys by EFEM. Here, all necessary arrays are populated (Distributed-memory approach).

  • modelling (dictionary) – CSEM modelling with physical parameters.
  • coordEle (ndarray) – array with nodal coordinates of element.
  • nodesEle (ndarray) – array with nodal indexes of element.
  • sigmaEle (float) – element conductiviy.

Ae, be.

Return type:



Unitary test for script.